Research Questions

As you peruse the epigraphy and coinage of Marcus Aurelius, consider the following questions investigated on the website or as further research inquiries.

Inscription Research Questions

1. Because Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus ruled as de facto co-emperors for about the first decade of his reign, when and where do they appear in inscriptions together and what do they look like?

2. Which of Marcus’ titles (Armenius, Parthicus Maximus, Medicus, Germanicus, Sarmaticus) does he favor/use the most often or leave out?

3. When and where do we see inscriptions dedicated to Marcus Aurelius solely for his popular domestic policy or deeds?

Coinage Research Questions

1. How is Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius portrayed on coinage either together or separately?

2. What are the years of the most fruitful minting and what can those dates tell us, i.e. do they follow military conquests, times of civil unrest, etc?

3. What titles does Marcus Aurelius favor and use on his coinage (Parthicus, Germanicus, etc)?

4. How is succession of Commodus portrayed with Marcus Aurelius?