Titles and Dating Inscriptions

Marcus Aelius Aurelius Verus Caesar

Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

Military Titles: Aremeniacus (164); Parthicus Maximus (166); Medicus (166); Germanicus (172); Sarmaticus (175)

Marcus Annius Verus: Inherited from his adoptive grandfather, this became the official praenomen, nomen, and cognomen of Marcus Aurelius in his early years.

Aelius: Hadrian adopts Lucius Aelius Caesar and his son Lucius (II). Antoninus Pius, Hadrian’s heir, subsequently adopted him along with Marcus Aurelius.

Aurelius: After being adopted by Antoninus Pius, Marcus took his father’s name and his adoptive brother (Lucius Aelius Caesar took Marcus’ name Verus).

Armeniacus: Verus’ general Statius Priscus had reclaimed the capital of Armenia Artaxata in 163 and by the end of that same year Verus had taken Armeniacus as a title, while Marcus declined to accept the honor until 165, thus creating a proxy “title war” between the two emperors.

Parthicus Maximus: With Cassius’ victor in Mesopotamia, Verus took Parthicus Maximus in 165 and Marcus again does not accept the title until a year later in 166.

Medicus: Once Cassius crosses the Tigris into Media against the Medes, Verus again initiates the epithet of Medicus, which Marcus does take in that same year of 166.

Germanicus: With the victorious offensive of 172 against the Marcomanni, Marcus takes Germanicus in the same year.

Sarmaticus: After resisting the rebellion of Cassius and taking Sirmium after conquering additional tribes along the Danube, Marcus makes peace and takes Sarmaticus in 175.

TRIB POT: 147; II, 10 December 147; III, 10 December 148 (received annually XXXIV, 10 December 179)

IMP: II, 163; III, 165; IIII, 166; V, 167; VI, 171; VII, 174; VIII, 175; IX, 177; X, 180

COS: I, 140; II, 145; III, 161


PP: 166