Trajan Coins

The coinage of Trajan, like his inscriptions, was used to project the image of Trajan as the conqueror and great ruler. The exploration of Trajan’s coins has been divided into four sections. The first, Cross-Denominational Similarity, shows how Trajan’s coins of all different denominations showed similarities in both their legends and their visual imagery, but that different denominations also had distinct trends in their imagery. The second, Coins of Conquest, examines coins that celebrate Trajan’s military campaigns, both in Dacia and Parthia. The third, Coins Honoring Domestic Accomplishments, discusses coins reflecting Trajan’s achievements as a builder and social reformer within Rome. Finally, the fourth page, Other Coins, shows coins that display portraits other than Trajan’s and their significance. Use the links below or the drop-down menu to read more about the coins of Trajan: