Welcome! Roman Emperor is the work of Classics 343: Classics in a Digital Age, a Washington & Lee University course from Spring Term 2015. Five undergraduate researchers have compiled the histories of five different Roman emperors to analyze the public messages and propaganda that emperors presented throughout the centuries. These messages are primarily explored through the surviving inscriptions, monuments, and coins of each emperor, and by assessing and analyzing the innovative scholarly resources that are currently available to students and scholars of the classical world. The five emperors chosen for study are:

  • Nero
  • Trajan
  • Marcus Aurelius
  • Commodus
  • Constantine

Each emperor, and their monuments and coins, can be further explored by using the drop-down menu at the top of the website. In addition, the “about” tab contains further information about the researchers, a guide to reading inscriptions, and a glossary of important terms and their explanations.